View of Mt Lathrop etc. and further east

View of Mt Lathrop etc. and further east

This photo looks east along the Browning Range. Lathrop Saddle crosses this scene in front of the prominent Mt Lathrop 1910m but is obscured by the un-named hill 1785m in front of it. Hopefully this photo conveys how scenic the Lathrop saddle area is.

Be warned that snow and ice can hang around well in to spring in Lathrop Saddle and on the shady faces on the Crawford (Kokatahi) side of it. It is not uncommon to see chamois near Lathrop Saddle. Rock wren are present above the bushline in this area as well.



  • glennj glennj I saw two mobs of deer this roar on the Styx side of Lathrop Saddle and heard lots of stags roaring. (it was early morning with poor light for photos but I got some pics at close range)
    25 June 2017
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