Kennedys Bush Track

  • 1 hr one way
  • Easy

A gentle climb up to the Summit Road on Christchurch's Port Hills, this track lacks any particular appeal.

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Kennedys Bush Track: Key information
Walking time
1 hr
One way
One way
No bookings — open access
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Kennedys Bush Track: Find it
Kennedys Bush Road, Kennedys Bush, Christchurch
Summit Road, Kennedys Bush, Christchurch
135m – 425m
Altitude change 290m

This track is a legal road extending off the end of Kennedys Bush Road in Halswell. The walk does not pass through Kennedys Bush itself, although the reserve is not far from the top. Instead, this track climbs past plantation pine forest, over farmland and between gorse bushes. Still, the track is popular with runners, mountain bikers, and a surprising number of walkers.

To find this track, follow the signs to Halswell Quarry from Halswell. Pass the quarry entrance and follow Kennedys Bush Road to the very end. The track is closed to dogs during the lambing season from mid-August to end September.

Over the stile, climb uphill past a reservoir tank and over a hillside of tussock and matagouri scrub. The track crests a small hill before dropping easily to a saddle. Over another stile, the track crosses onto farmland next to plantation pine forest. The plod uphill begins in earnest while gorse bushes fill in the scenery. Later, the track narrows, becoming rutted and lumpy, carved up by bikes. Beyond here, the track levels off for a final wander toward the Summit Road. 

Walking time is one way.

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