Mt Leitch Bivvy Sept 2015

Mt Leitch Bivvy  Sept 2015

This bivvy is situated in the tussock near the bush edge high on the western flank of Mt Leitch in the Paparoa Range. The bivvy belongs to the Paparoa Wildlife Trust and is locked. It is used by workers involved with Kiwi conservation and associated pest control. A sign on the door says, ... "if you would like to use this bivvy please contact the Paparoa Wildlife Trust" and then gives phone & Email contact details.

Access to this bivvy is likely to be down the Paparoa Range from the tops section of the Croesus Track or up a newly opened up cut & marked track to Mt Watson that starts 100m up the Croesus track from the Smoke Ho carpark. [Quickest access would be from the Roa coalmine road but permission to use it would be difficult to obtain]

A tops route has been poled from Mt Watson thru to the Croesus track thus making a lovely 1 or 2 day round trip walk from the Smoke Ho carpark. The Mt Leitch Bivvy is a ten minute detour off this route.



  • matthew matthew That loop route sounds good. There's a lot more to the Paparoa Tops than just the Croesus Track!
    9 September 2015
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