Christchurch 360 Trail

  • 8 days loop track
  • Easy

A long circuit of the city of Christchurch exploring the hill and river landscapes at the edge of the city.

Christchurch 360 Trail: Key information
Walking time
8 days
48 hr
Loop track
Loop track
No bookings — open access
No — open access
Christchurch 360 Trail: Find it
Christchurch Gondola, Mount Cavendish, Christchurch
Sea level – 499m
Altitude change 499m
Christchurch 360 Trail: More information

The Christchurch 360 Trail is a work in progress with official opening 3 October 2015. Presently, the official trail excludes a section near McLeans Island due to no formed footpath next to the road. In future, sections may be adjusted and shortened. Also, some rerouting may take place as walking infrastructure improves. 

The walk may be started at any point, and undertaken in either direction but is described as an anticlockwise circuit of the city, by convention. There is no provision for overnight accommodation along the trail.


  • Godley Cliffs, 15.75km.
    Starts: Car park east of Mount Cavendish, Summit Road, Heathcote Valley, Christchurch.
  • Estuary Marshes, 15.8km.
    Starts: The Esplanade near Heberden Avenue, Sumner.
  • Dunes Wetlands, 16.4km.
    Starts: Avon River Bridge, Pages Road, Bexley.
  • Brooklands Mouth, 13.7km.
    Starts: Spencer Park, Heyders Road, Bottle Lake.
  • Waimakariri Braids, 22.1km.
    Starts: The Groynes, Groynes Drive, Northwood.
  • Avonhead Gardens, 7.5km.
    Starts: Avonhead Park, Russley Road, Avonhead.
  • Opawaho Divide, 14.9km.
    Starts: Titoki Street, Riccarton.
  • Sugarloaf Hills, 18.5km.
    Starts: Withers car park, Halswell Quarry Park, Kennedys Bush Road, Kennedys Bush. 
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