Plane Crash Memorial Mt Turiwhate

Plane Crash Memorial Mt Turiwhate

This photo shows the memorial to Lynch and Renton who were killed in the first fatal plane crash in Westland in November 1933. This may be the earliest NZ plane crash fatality that has a memorial? [The plane was Gypsy Moth ZK-AA1 and was flown by Jack Renton of Hokitika. Passenger J D Lynch was a former mayor of Greymouth]

It is only a short detour of a bit over 100m from the main ridge if climbing Mt Turiwhate via the Grahams Creek track down to the crash site. The walking is quite easy as the leatherwood scrub is short and sparse. The memorial cairn is hard to spot until close by. Co-ordinates of the memorial are supplied along with the accompanying map.



  • glennj glennj Oct 2016 I cleared some of the scrub around the monument & tied a bit of orange marking tape near the site to make it easier to find.
    8 October 2016
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