Gear for an overnight summer tramp

Gear for an overnight summer tramp

Not an ideal list, but typical for me. I would take lighter food on a longer trip.

From left to right: raincoat, thermal top and longjohns, merino top and hat, synthetic down jacket, food (muesli, pasta, a couple vegetables and a sauce pouch for flavour, muesli bars, coffee bags, half a panforte cake, an extra meal), backpack and liner, inflatable mattress, sleeping bag and liner, hydration bladder, mug, Leatherman knife, folding titanium cutlery, gas, burner, lighter, cooking pot and handle, toilet paper, hut ticket, notebook and pen, map, toothbrush, toothpaste, insect repellent, sunscreen, emergency sleeping bag, first aid kit, adhesive moleskin for blisters, spare laces, hand sanitiser, compass, head light, and a small tent. Add to this what I was wearing: boots, shorts, socks, shirt, plus iPhone, wallet,camera, and keys.

Others might take hut pants and shoes, and luxuries such as a change of socks. I didn't bother with a plate as I was cooking for one.


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    21 April 2015
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