Serpentine Hut March 2015

Serpentine Hut  March 2015

Here is a recent photo of this survivor built in 1957 for deer culler accomodation. Andrew Buglass and "Permolat" helpers gave this hut a substantial makeover last month so it's good for many more years yet.

This hut has been one of the lesser visited huts in NZ by foot parties since the up and down valley tracks were abandoned in the 1970's. Things have recently changed re access with Andrew & others having reopened the up and down valley routes. It's still a challenging walk to get in there but it can now be accomplished in a day from the DOC Whitcombe Valley Road carpark.



  • major major Just returned from doing the circuit up the Hokitika over Frew saddle and back down Whitcombe. Beautiful area and a real West Coast wilderness experience.
    2 April 2016
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