Trig K Hut

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Trig K Hut

Built in 1947 and in the middle of refurbishment it is a shelter at best will take 4 to 5 and is not marked on any maps Ive seen. Accessed from mine road up kohukohunui track in 3 hrs or visit as part of a 6 to 7 hr day circuit from Waharau regional park in the Hunua Ranges



  • kerryo ledge ... the hut up Lilburne Rd is called Piggots Hut. Sleeps 4, water and long drop. The Trig Hut, at the highest point in the Hunua Ranges, has 2 beds, water and a nearby long drop.
    23 November 2011
  • ledge ledge Is this hut at Lilburne Camp? One hour's walk up a road from the reservoir? I photographed it in the late 1990s, and believe it's the only hut in Auckland, (not counting the 3 club huts along Cutty Grass Track in the Waitakares.)
    10 November 2011
  • g.doherty Hi,I read the rain gauges on top of Mt Kohukohunui from 1970-1980.This would take place on the 1st day of the month rain,hail,or shine. Would leave land-rover by manganese mine gate and take small sugar bag with my lunch in and rifle,walk up the track read the rain gauge then head down to point 21 and into the 1000 acre clearing to shoot goats. Or drop down off the thermos flask track into the headwaters of the Mangatawhiri river hunting pigs.
    9 March 2010
  • RobertB Will be added to the revised edition of the Hunua mapsheet
    15 December 2009
  • RobertB This hut is administered by the Auckland Regional Council. It was constructed in December 1946 by Joe St Paul and Fred Gibbons, then Auckland City Council rangers, as a shelter for use during servicing of the adjacent weather station. The hut is made from split totara framing & demolition materials & features a fireplace (no longer in use) cut into the rock slope. The hut, which is on the highest point in the Hunua Ranges, was substantially restored by ARC staff & volunteers in 2005-6 and receives occasional use by staff/vols working on the DOC/ARC kokako recovery programme.
    23 April 2007
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