Lake Unknown

Lake Unknown

Lake Unknown lies high between the Beans Burn & the Rockburn. The Dart Valley is visible behind about 750 meters lower. This pic taken from under Mt Nox. Mt Earnslaw behind.



  • Frog_Sticks Hey Gavins, Im looking at doing a winter trip upto lake Unknown at some point. Id be very interested to know which way you went up (& down) and which way you'd recomened going up (& down). From maps I was thinking the spur above Theatre towards Minos?!?
    30 May 2010
  • gavins Its not on any particular walk. I approached Lake Unknown from the Rockburn at Theatre Flat. No track. Steep bluffed descent to Lake Unknown from under Nox. I can give some good advice on what not to do....
    20 August 2006
  • DavidGwyther DavidGwyther Mmmmm.... I so wanna be right there. What walk is this on?
    12 August 2006
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