Make your own screen saver

You can use the Google Photos Screensaver to display an ever-changing set of tramping photos. Just install the screensaver, then configure it with the "Feature Photo" RSS feed.

  1. Install the Google Photos Screensaver
  2. In the Google Updater window click "Run" (or use the Windows Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Change screen saver)
  3. Under "Screen saver" make sure "Google Photos Screensaver" appears
  4. Click "Settings..."
  5. Make sure "Photo feeds" is checked, and click "Configure..."
  6. Under "Automatically display photos from the photo feed:" paste this address:
  7. Click "Add"
  8. Click "Done"
  9. Click "OK"
  10. Click "OK"


View tracks in 3D

Install Google Earth, and view tracks overlaid onto the globe. Zoom in and tilt the globe to see mountains.

  1. Download Google Earth
  2. Browse a track, click the "Larger map" button, then the "Google Earth" button.


Keep up to date with web feeds

Use your iGoogle home page or Google Reader to track new information on this site via web feeds. Just click the following link to get started. You will need a Google account. Don't have one? Click the link and sign up.

  1. Keep track of New Zealand Tramper updates in iGoogle / Google Reader

There are many feeds available, and you can use any web feed reader you like. Find out more information about Web feeds at New Zealand Tramper.


Add a Google Toolbar button

If you use Google Toolbar, you may now add a button directly to your toolbar to search New Zealand Tramper and to see a list of what's new without visiting the site.

  1. Install Google Toolbar
  2. Install NZ Tramper button


Search from your browser

If you run the Internet Exporer 7 or Firefox browsersthen you can add New Zealand Tramper as one of the search providers for the browser search box. Just click the following link:

  1. Add NZ Tramper as a search provider.