Route up to Emily Pass

Route up to Emily Pass

This is looking west at the northern route up to Emily Pass, and is the opposite direction from this photo: Pass is just out of sight at the top left.

The route to Emily Pass climbs up the gut past the waterfall in the center of the photo. At the top of the gut beside a 2nd tiny waterfall, climb straight up to the west on the waterfalls true left until you reach the green patch of grass above the dark grey rocks in the photo. Sidle to the right (north) towards the top of the large waterfall, and from near the top of the falls ascend the slope to the west then southwest up to the pass. (Basically follow the stream and scree up the hill).

The climb beside the small waterfall is the crux, the tussock/rock bank between the 2 waterfalls always seems to be wet and extremely slippery. Take extreme care here if descending!



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