I have just returned from a trip to the Black Hill hut.You can start at the Lees Valley Road or get a key from Mt Pember Station for $10. The key lets you 4 wheel drive to the Townshend Hut (2 hours walk). The track to Black Hill begins here and goes up to the hut, about 3 hours with packs for 3 days. The hut appears at the top of "Hamburger Hill" -- a steeper part of the track than the rest. A nice 6 bunk hut just before the summit of Black Hill, set up camp there.

Lower Salmon Creek Biv • By Hugh vN. Licence: C.

The next day we went to the summit of Black Hill and along a ridge to the track down to Salmon Creek, just about straight down about 800m, a change from yesterday. At Salmon Creek is a nice 2 man bivvy. Took about 1½ hours to get down to. We carried on along the creek until we found a way up to the top and back to the hut, 6½ hours and a hard day later but well worth the effort.