You now have the opportunity to help Nepali children while climbing the tallest mountain on Earth, Mount Everest. The Global Volunteer Network has created a fundraising trek to the Base Camp of Mount Everest in order to help poverty stricken children in Nepal.

As a participant of this fundraising trek to The Base Camp of Mount Everest you will have the opportunity to visit ancient temples and palaces in Kathmandu. While on the hike you will visit the highest Buddhist monastery in the world, observing Buddhist prayer rituals as you acclimate to an altitude of 12,687ft/3,867m. You will then hike over glaciers and snow capped rocks as you ascend to the Base Camp of Mount Everest at 17,998ft/5,486m. Upon descending you will visit Sherpa villages, see the famed mountain yaks of the Himalayas and visit the hospital Sir Edmund Hilary created for the people of Nepal. This once in a lifetime experience will not end upon your descent to Kathmandu. Once you have returned to civilization you will then have the opportunity to visit various projects designed to assist Nepali children. You will see the faces of the children your funds will benefit.

Many orphanages in Nepal are under-funded and not able to provide quality care. The donation proceeds of this trip will go towards providing children in orphanages with quality housing, health care, food, clothes, furniture, school supplies, schooling and supervision.

In addition to helping maintain the general operating costs of certain orphanages in Nepal the funds raised form this trip will also be used, in part, for the ‘Brighter Future Children’s Home Building Project.’ This orphanage will be built in the village of Bistachap, approximately 25 kilometers south of Kathmandu, and will house 15 orphans.

Finally, there is little or no support for victims of sexual assault in Nepal, especially children. In an effort to address this need the Global Volunteer Network will give a portion of the donated funds to a local Nepali NGO working to provide psychological support and resources to victims of sexual assault.

This trek provides you with the opportunity to hike the tallest mountain in the world while helping the children of Nepal. Each are opportunities most only dream about, here they are combined to give you the climbing, and humanitarian, experience of a lifetime.

This trek is in association with Architects for Aid, a UK based charity who raises funds, sponsor projects and trains architects to share skills working on humanitarian building ventures around the world.

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