Mount Isobel

Hanmer Forest Conservation Park

  • 3 hr – 3 hr 30 min return via same track.
  • Easy/medium

A brief climb to the peak behind Hanmer Springs.

Mount Isobel trig • By Pro-active. Licence: C.
Key information
Walking time
3 hr – 3 hr 30 min
Return via same track.
Return via same track.
No bookings — open access
No — open access
Find it
Clarence Valley Road (follow Jacks Pass signposts) to Pawsons Road junction, marked by a water tank.
520m – 1,319m
Altitude change 799m

Over a stile, the track leads through plantation larch forest, climbing gradually into native scrub. At a junction, the track ahead continues briefly to the 41m Dog Stream Waterfall, while the Mount Isobel route turns sharply uphill and climbs directly to the ridge (1195m).

Dog Stream Waterfall • By daniel.fone.

A poled route drops to the north east down to Jacks Pass. The Mount Isobel route follows the easy,  barren ridge to the northeast before climbing quickly to the summit (1319m). A poled route continues onward to Jollies Pass.

Times are 1 hr 20 min to the ridge, and a further 20 minutes to the summit.

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