I have been back in Tongariro over the past few weeks scouting the area again looking for more interesting places to visit and go to. Yes I have found a few beginning at Mangatepopo Road or Whakapapa Village. It is up to you on where you wish to begin.

The trip starts by a night at Mangatepopo Hut. The next day will see you climb the ridge next to Mangatepopo Hut climbing till you reach the summit of Mount Tongariro and then traversing over to North Crater and having morning tea up there.

After morning tea and spending a bit of time on the crater drop down to the track and head over to Blue Lake and on over to Emerald Lakes, and check them out as well as Red Crater. From there head to Oturere Hut for lunch. From Oturere, follow the track over to the old track to Waihohonu. Once over by Waihohonu Springs you are over the 500m off track camping mark and camp there for the night. The water source is the Waihohonu Stream. Just make sure you BOIL the water first.

If the weather should turn bad then just remember you are only over the ridge from Waihohonu Hut.

Next day is a trip over to the Upper Tama through the dry stream bed that leads to Waihohonu Springs then cross back to the track past Lower Tama and back over to Whakapapa via Taranaki Falls.

Enjoy this trip. It's best to do in the summer when there is no snow around. Can be done in winter depending on the snow. Have fun and don't get lost.