The following features are planned or in development. They are arranged approximately by priority. However, the actual delivery order is likely to shift due to relative time required for each feature and other factors. 

Feedback is welcome, here or in the "This website" forum.

Currently in development:

  • Tracks appearing with trail lines rather than point markers (where available). Estimated delivery late September 2014.
  • Track gradings: test and deploy new track grading paradigm. 

Future plans:

  • Collaborative articles.
  • Track sections
  • Add first class support for tablet devices.
  • Incorporate DOC trail data
  • Option to "do not feature" new articles that are meant only for administrative purposes.
  • Improved automatic styling of featured articles.
  • Voting content up and down. 
  • Reimplement internal messaging.
  • Investigate opening up the weblog tool.
  • View all users' photos.
  • Implement moderator user role for forums. Depends on internal messaging.
  • Implement notifications when people comment on your photos etc. Depends on internal messaging.
  • Reconnect types of data that weren't ported to the new design
  • Consider implementation of gear review object types.
  • Section for content outside New Zealand.
  • Add on a bookstore.
  • Improve searching: Allow location-based searches to anchor to a specific location. Add filter buttons everywhere. "Bivvy" should match "biv", "Mountain" should match "Mt" etc. Add disambiguation to search results (e.g. there are several "Taipo Hut"s.
  • Consider incorporating third party dynamic data -- weather, avalanche, volcano, and so forth.
  • Add first class support for phone devices.
  • Surface stats on items - views, graphs over time -- highlight what people are looking at. Surface stats on site membership.
  • Allow users to share whether (or when) they have been online.