Old Mt Curtis Hut Brunner Range

Old Mt Curtis Hut Brunner Range

This hut has been superceeded by a new Mt Curtis Hut built in 2012. The hut sites are about 90m apart. The location is on a flatish section of ridge just inside the bush edge west of Mt Curtis. It is on the TL of the head of Dee Creek at approx 1160m altitude.

The old Mt Curtis Hut dates from 1974. Its beech framing rotted out prompting initiatives by locals to build the new community hut.

Getting up to the hut is usually undertaken from SH6 just East of Inangahua township. There is a track up the TL of Dee Creek on the terraces and then the dividing ridge with Rough Creek. This route usually takes between 3 and 6 hours depending on pack weight and fitness. Alternative access is possible from Rough Creek or by dropping off the Brunner Range tops.



  • glennj glennj The old Mt Curtis Hut has been removed since my visit when I took this photo.
    30 December 2016
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