Oronui Hut

Oronui Hut

A welcome 6-bunk hut in the Eastern Raukumara ranges. The hut is in the Oronui river valley, where the valley widens upstream of 6km of gorges. .

The hut sits on a river terrace some 30m above the river - a pain of a climb. However, given the only 2 remaining huts (Oronui & Mangakirikiri) on the east-west traverse are high up on terraces - the others (Mangatutara Hut & Te Kahika Hut) have been swept away by shifting river channels - the climb fromt he riverbed is probably a good thing.

The main access route is up the riverbed from the Mt Hikurangi roadend - 10km of river travel all up. The gorge is not too bad in normal flows, but some of the crossing below the Mangarata confluence can be deep & tricky.

Alternative access is from the west via the tough Raukumara east-west crossing. This is a 2-4 day trip via the Mangamauku, Mangatutara, Waihunga, Te Kahika, Big Unknown, Motu, Mangakirikiri and Maungamate valleys.



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