Barnett Park, which includes the entire walkway, is a long, narrow strip of land in the suburb of Redcliffs, off to the right as you drive around the estuary toward Sumner. You can take the Christchurch #3 (Sumner/Mt Pleasant) bus to Redcliffs. The lower end of Barnett Park has a picnic area with tables and coin operated electric barbecues, toilets and a drinking fountain. There are also two childrens' playgrounds (one adventure, one regular), sports fields and a large parking area. The walkway forms a long thin loop along either side of the valley and may be walked easily in either direction.

Barnett Park Walkway: ¾-1 hr, very easy

From the car park, walk south along the east side of the playing fields to a stile leading to a farmed part of the valley floor. Continue past the end of Bay View Road on the left and one of a series of electrical pylons that cross the valley. The track climbs onto the hillside on a dirt track through grasses, gorse and broom. Further up the valley, native vegetation becomes more prominent. Seating is regularly placed along the length of the track. A steep staircase leads up to the cave, which surveys the whole of the valley. Beneath the staircase, the track drops into a patch of damp native bush on the valley floor. Watch for ongaonga here. Five to ten minutes further on, an unmarked, rough track heads off to the left. This leads to Paradise Cave, a larger cavern with a small waterfall from the ceiling. The mouth of the cave is hidden by bush. Along the western side of the valley, much of the vegetation is cloaked with native Muehlenbeckia vines. Also visible are briar roses, banana passion-fruit, and rabbits.