Madpom's Latest adventure

  • If you missed it, here's the story. Nice to see that TV3 gave Madpom a chance to tell the story properly, and really great to hear a positive story about trampers in the news for a change. Madpom has added a lot of resources to this community, and played a large part in its success. I wish him and Little Dog a quick recovery.
  • Just watched the doco, what an awesome guy!
  • I see madpom's back online and adding pictures to the site Welcome back. While you are off your feet recouperating I hope you write us a big long article telling us the whole story and not as filtered through the news media. And, did you eventually find that beacon? Did you loose it in the fall or was it in the cupboard back at home?
  • Not as if I'm going to be able to do any tramping for a while ... so might as well be writing!
  • Left a comment on your pic - good shot.
  • Matt Look forward to a lenghty discription having been distracted on occaision and paid a lesser price (thankfully). a quiet chuckel at your expense would be appreciated.
  • Looks as though you were having an awesome trip Mad Pom, great read, looking forward to the next installment.
  • I don't know if the inclination is there (now or later), but at some point I'm looking forward to reading about this in the FMC Bulletin's back-country accident section. :) It sounds as if it could be very educational in terms of things that can go wrong and how best to cope with them.
  • Was just reading madpom's first instalment over morning tea. Great story! I could almost feel the scrub, the scree, the rain and the food from the descriptions. Looking forward to the next installment. Somehow I think this is going to be more educational than any FMC accident report. The most interesting judgements are those that come from the participant himself. Already I see a few, the rushed get away, descisions about giving intentions, probably wanting to be a free spirit rather than bound by detailed intentions. Then there is the forgotten ice axe and where is that beacon? Guess we will find out soon enough. Glad you are posting here madpom. For a while there I thought you might have sold the story to a women's magazine!!
  • Part 2 now available:
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