Mt Arrowsmith (2781m).
Couloir Peak (2642m)
Cameron Hut (1290m, Basic hut, 9 bunks)

Arrowsmith Range and the Cameron River from Lake Hill.

Classic walks

Abel Tasman Coast Track
Abel Tasman Coast Track  •  3 – 5 days. Easy. One way.
Easy, sunny coastal track with golden sands and excellent swimming. The busiest track in the country, following the length of ...
Dusky Track
Dusky Track  •  4 – 8 days. Medium. One way.
This journey explores the glacial valleys and mountains of Fiordland from Lake Hauroko to Lake Manapouri, visiting Dusky Sound along ...
Heaphy Track
Heaphy Track  •  4 – 6 days. Easy. One way.
A classic crossing of the geologically and biologically diverse northwest corner of the South Island. The track is also open to ...
Hollyford Track
Hollyford Track  •  8 days. Medium. Return by the same track.
The Hollyford Track is a classic lowland Fiordland route from the Hollyford Road out to the coast at Martins Bay.
Kepler Track
Kepler Track  •  3 – 4 days. Easy/medium. Loop track.
Popular loop track providing access to the mountains around Lake Te Anau.
Lake Waikaremoana Track
Lake Waikaremoana Track  •  3 – 4 days. Easy/medium. One way.
"The Lake Track." Busy track in summer with swimming and fishing along the lake-side.
Milford Track
Milford Track  •  4 days. Easy/medium. One way.
The Milford Track is an alpine journey through Fiordland National Park, and New Zealand's most renowned walking track, visited by ...
North West Circuit
North West Circuit  •  10 – 12 days. Medium. Loop track.
The classic Stewart Island coastal journey known widely for its mud. Links with the Rakiura Track.
Queen Charlotte Track
Queen Charlotte Track  •  3 – 5 days. Easy. One way.
A long but easy walk along Queen Charlotte Sound. This track offers hostel and resort accommodation as well as basic ...
Rakiura Track
Rakiura Track  •  3 days. Easy/medium. Loop track with a road section.
An historic walk through almost deserted, pure podocarp forest.
Routeburn Track
Routeburn Track  •  2 – 4 days. Easy/medium. One way.
An internationally renowned and popular alpine crossing between Fiordland and Lake Wakatipu.
Te Araroa Trail
Te Araroa Trail  •  95 days. Medium. One way.
Te Araroa is a walking trail running the entire length of the North and South Islands. The trail opened 3 ...
Tongariro Northern Circuit
Tongariro Northern Circuit  •  3 – 4 days. Easy/medium. Loop track.
This circuit on the Volcanic Plateau passes close to the summit of Tongariro in a spectacular, active volcanic landscape of ...

What's new?

Circuit of Sth Hurunui, Bull Creek & Ant Stream Huts, Dampier-Crossley Range, Sth Hurunui
4 day circuit passing through Roche Pass and Dampier Corner.
Pike29: memorial money-maker
Pike29: memorial money-maker  •  Article, updated 15 November 201515 Nov
Today, Nick Smith, Environment Minister, announced plans to construct New Zealand's tenth Great Walk as a memorial to the 29 ...
Great Walks Information
Great Walks Information  •  Article, updated 12 September 201512 Sep
The DOC Great Walks are a set of premium tramping tracks throughout New Zealand.
Photography online
Photography online  •  Article, updated 9 August 20159 Aug
a list of sites that share good images of tramping and climbing in New Zealand
FMC Partnerships Workshop
FMC Partnerships Workshop  •  Article, added 18 June 201518 Jun
" Huts and Tracks" was the main focus. How to do more for less when it comes to spending the ...
River Crossing 101
River Crossing 101  •  Article, updated 4 June 20154 Jun
NZ outdoors has lots of rivers, lots of rain, and not so many bridges; so learning to cross rivers safely ...
Huts  •  Article, updated 5 May 20155 May
"The important rules are courtesy, respect and cooperation." Phillip has prepared some more in depth information on the responsible use and ...
Tramping NZ - the basics
Tramping NZ - the basics  •  Article, updated 21 April 201521 Apr
Planning your first tramping trip? There are plenty of people who will answer your questions. Here's some ideas to get ...
The Havelock
The Havelock  •  Article, updated 28 March 201528 Mar
The Havelock River is one of the six great Canterbury rivers. As shown in Mathew's photo above, the peaks rise ...
Mt Stevenson in the MacKenzie Country
Mt Stevenson in the MacKenzie Country  •  Article, updated 1 January 2015Jan 2015
This mountain looms over the northern slopes between Lakes Tekapo and Pukaki. It has been made accessible by tenure review ...

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