Moerangi Circut

Promoted as a mountain bike track, this is also a popular tramping track. The track is very new, well graded, easy and suitable for trampers of all ages in virtually any weather.

Latitudes and longitudes use the WGS84 datum.
Elevation range 573m – 727m Total ascent 284m
Recorded distance 8.8km Total descent 358m
Points 259 Average grade 7.30%
Start 38.748115 S, 176.723711 E647m
End 38.752695 S, 176.789293 E573m
Latitudes and longitudes use the WGS84 datum.
River Rd - Moerangi
Elevation range 393m – 925m Total ascent 841m
Recorded distance 12.9km Total descent 575m
Points 388 Average grade 11.00%
Start 38.675550 S, 176.699556 E407m
End 38.747806 S, 176.723705 E673m
Latitudes and longitudes use the WGS84 datum.
Elevation range 550m – 680m Total ascent 199m
Recorded distance 5.1km Total descent 216m
Points 388 Average grade 8.10%
Start 38.752809 S, 176.789320 E575m
End 38.720016 S, 176.800432 E557m
Latitudes and longitudes use the WGS84 datum.
Elevation range 562m – 695m Total ascent 219m
Recorded distance 6.8km Total descent 199m
Points 457 Average grade 6.20%
Start 38.720190 S, 176.799992 E564m
End 38.676629 S, 176.810210 E584m


Latitudes and longitudes use the WGS84 datum.
DescriptionLatitude (°)Longitide (°)
CANYON, 23-OCT-05 4:19:57PM 38.681023 S 176.701689 E
Corner, TURN OFF TO MOERANGI 38.686100 S 176.701200 E
Heli Pad, 07-MAY-11 12:43:06PM 38.716625 S 176.725185 E
Heli Pad2, 08-MAY-11 8:56:34AM 38.754852 S 176.749353 E
Moerangi hut 38.747871 S 176.723705 E
OKAHU Rd, 18-APR-99 03:57 38.676794 S 176.810167 E
River Rd, WHIRINAKI RD END 38.675518 S 176.698646 E
Rogers Hut, TE WAIROA HUT (ROGERS HUT) 38.752699 S 176.789278 E
Skips Hut, 08-MAY-11 1:16:07PM 38.720484 S 176.800152 E
Table, 07-MAY-11 1:31:47PM 38.723867 S 176.719076 E
Track Jct, 07-MAY-11 11:15:43AM 38.701333 S 176.712166 E


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