Manuoha - Waikareiti Circut

A three day circut in Urewera National Park. Mt Manuoha is the highest point in the Park and offers great views, especially at sunrise. You can stay in the small hut near the summit of Manuoha or camp right on the summit so you can watch the sunrise from in your sleeping bag.

The other night can be spent at Sandy Bay Hut, except it is considered a Great Walk hut and a booking is required.

Or you can camp. The best place to camp is right where the track comes down on to the Kaipo Lagoons from Pukepuke. Gon't be tempted by the clearings around the lagoons. They are very damp and are not good for camping on.

A fearture of this trip is the Goblin Forest near the summit of Manuoha. Old gnarled beech trees hanging with moss make a wierd scene. Allow time to stop and take photographs

Grade Easy/medium
Bookings Not available (first come, first served)
Length 39.0km
Loop track with a road section
Time 15 hr – 22 hr
3 days
Altitude 630m – 1,392m
Altitude change 762m
From At the bridge over the Te Manawa Stream , near Hopuruahine Landing
To Aniwaniwa Township
ID 2340

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