A Trip Through The Kaimanawa Ranges

This is a loop trip which follows the Cascade hut track then toward Boyd Lodge and over to Omaru hut.

Here is a thought for a weekend trip that you can do over a period of 3 days. This trip is in the Kaimanawa Forest Park beginning at Clements Mill Road End and finishing at Clements Mill Road End.

Drive down on day one and camp at the road end.

Next day tramp into cascade hut for lunch then head towards Boyd lodge camping about 2 hours from Boyd on the edge of the bush near the private airstrip.

The following day tramp over to Boyd Lodge for lunch and then carry on over to Omaru Hut for the final night. Omaru Hut is the brother hut of Waipakahi Hut.

The following day is the final leg out to Clements Mill Road again and then back to the car.


  • pmcke pmcke An alternative route to this one that remains within the Forest park boundary is to go from the Waiatupuritia Saddle up onto the summit of Maungaorani and then lalong the ridge systems over points 1319 and 1254 and then down into the head of the Oamaru. This route is now acknowledged by DOC as a track and is being progressivly marked. last time I was there(June 2005) a good pole route went over Maungaorani and the way through the bush was marked with white tags which the preliminary party had left. Warning there is no water on these ridge tops so carry plenty. You can see my GPS track, photos and trip report on http://www.giscover.com/tours/tour/display/257
    20 July 2007
  • pmcke pmcke Note a permit from Aircharter Taupo will not allow you to camp on the private land near the airstrip. You would need to camp back nearer the Waiatupuritia Saddle which is still within the Forest Park boundaries. last time I was there the boundary was marked with a sign. Whether it still is, I don't know.
    20 July 2007
  • kenmcf Each of these days would be fairly long. The middle day from the bush edge near the airstrip to Boyd Hut crosses private land leased by Air Charters in Taupo. A permit is needed to cross this land. They are actively enforcing this, and issuing trespass orders to those on their land without a permit. We recently crossed this area and in the middle of nowhere had our permits inspected.
    2 February 2005
  • Dan-E Have just done a 3-day tramp in the Kaimanawas, and spent a night each at the Cascade and Oamaru huts - a really memorable weekend, and great experience. Kaimanawas are really worthwhile tramping in, and a great place to get a way from it all. Suggestion - take two cars (if tramping with friends) - park one at Poronui station gate, then drive to end of Clements road in the other. Tramp day 1 to Cascade, day two to Oamaru (long! - be fit!) and day 3 back to Poronui. Magic...article to follow!
    9 February 2004
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