North South Track

Waitawheta Hut from Wharawahara Rd
Waitawheta Hut from Wharawahara Rd
Track 1 day. Easy/medium. One way.
An interesting walk up an old tram line and then over the ridge to the Waitawheta Valley. As the track crosses the Wharawhara Stream a few times this route is less suitable in bad weather.

Track grades

Unusually smooth, well-marked track, easy gradients. Up to about 4 hours per day.
Typical lowland track. Generally easy walking and well marked. Ascents of up to 1000m. Some easy river crossings, unmarked travel along rivers.
Typical tops track. Experienced trampers only. Rough, muddy and poorly marked or unmarked. Ascents of up to 2000m. River crossings, open tops, passes. Up to about 8 hours per day.
Navigation and snow skills (use of ice axe and crampons) required. Glaciers, exposure to falls.
Rough or non-existent tracks. Following ridges, bush spurs, and rivers. Steep ascents, arduous travel, hazardous conditions, snow and navigation skills essential.