Mt John

Tekapo in gold and blue

Tekapo in gold and blue

The turquoise waters of Lake Tekapo make it one of the most beautiful lakes in New Zealand, especially when framed ...   More ▶︎

Mount John Walkway

We had been tramping in New Zealand for 6 months and were starting to feel a bit burnt out. This ...   More ▶︎

Middle Gorge Hut

Small hut on the true left bank of the Mistake River near Lake Tekapo in Godley Peaks Conservation Area. This ...   More ▶︎

Tekapo High Country Trek

The Tekapo High Country Trek is a 3-day alpine hike through open tussock country in the Two Thumb Range, above ...   More ▶︎

Rex Simpson Hut

This hut located at the top edge of a terrace above Lake Tekapo. It is owned by Alpine Recreation and ...   More ▶︎
Camp Stream Hut

Camp Stream Hut

A small, dark hut in good condition, owned by the Mackenzie Alpine Trust, and free to use. Donations are appreciated. ...   More ▶︎