Mt Brown Hut

glennj glennj 9 May 2018
Approx the 40th time I've done the walk to this hut but my 1st check in for walking the tracks here. Went up via the Styx and down via Geologists Ck with a road walk back to the car. The Geologists Ck track is very muddy in places at the moment!
matthew matthew 26 Jan 2013
Excellent walk in perfect weather. On the Styx side, note an old trail heads straight downhill just past the old hut site, and there are still a few permolat markers. Watch out for this and keep to the taped trail.
BAynsley BAynsley 1 Jan 2013
Honora Honora 5 Jul 2012
That little Cracker stove is...a little cracker! Coal is supplied. Lovely place to come in the snow but quite popular so be prepared for company. The project is a credit to Eddie and Julie and all.