Five Passes

Briar Briar 1 Mar 2018
bombermonk 1 Apr 2015
Moh_Oz 19 Feb 2013
bernieq bernieq 1 Feb 2013
Tramped anti-clockwise in perfect weather. Lake Sylvan carpark to Beansburn clearing, to Split Rock biv, to Fohn Lakes with side trip to Sunset Peak, to Hidden Falls Ck, to Park Pass with side trip to Park Glacier, to Lake Nerine, to Nth Routeburn, and a short stroll out.
apurdam apurdam 9 Feb 2012
iangeorge iangeorge 17 Jan 2010
Briar Briar 1 Feb 2008
Dodgydave 1 Jan 2008
Believe it was 2008 when I walked this with the old man. First trip I did well down south and had a ball. Didn't realise it stayed light for so long so ended up knocking it off in three days (first night in Hidden Falls Creek and second at Fohn Lakes). In hindsight I wish we had used the extra couple of days to do a few side trips. Lots of places along the way I would love to get to.