Tarn Hut, Lilburne Hill

Bozeman Bozeman 18 Feb 2022 There is mobile coverage if you walk a bit up the Tarn Hut Track (to the north). Sweet spot.
matthew matthew 16 Jan 2021 Peaceful night at the hut and a windy morning.
stuso672 11 Mar 2018
Mosley59 3 Dec 2017 Main tracks well marked. Track down Lilburn spur less so!
Honora Honora 11 Mar 2013 The cocky locked the gate at the road recently but now it is unlocked again and folks can drive to the road end. Thanks, DoC. That horrible steep bony track up Tent Gully is now getting overgrown from lack of use. Much nicer to go down the obvious spur southeast of the hut for something different.
mark1 mark1 16 Jul 2009