Cameron Hut (Rangitata/Rakaia)

JETNZ JETNZ 30 Oct 2015 Agree that 5 hours is for the fit and familiar. We took just on 6 hours including 50 min for breaks along the way… The first section through matagouri has been freshly cleared and was most appreciated! We found the route past the gorge to be confusing as the poles were sporadically placed which slowed everything down. On the return trip we just walked down Cameron River from Spean Stream and that sped things up considerably. There is water at the hut with installed tank (rain water). There appears to be didymo in one or two of the waterways in the upper catchment. Wear gaiters if you don't want to spend a week extracting matagouri and spaniard thorns from your legs!
gareth13 9 Aug 2014 The posted 5 hours travel time is (I think) aimed at the fit and those familiar with the route. Although not difficult to follow, there is a bit of time to be saved by not slavishly following the cairns. When coming off the terrace above the gorge, drop back down to the riverbed as soon as practicable, don't bother following the poled route through the tussock unless river conditions dictate. The junction of Spean Creek and the gully leading to the hut is well marked so you can't miss the route. DOC has a time of 6 hours which is probably more realistic. Two independent parties took a little over 6 with breaks.
Bozeman Bozeman 12 Mar 2014 I always tell my boys that tramping is about the journey rather than the destination. While I stand by that statement, I will say that Cameron Hut leans more toward the destination side of things.
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