Mt Brown Hut

USAhutbagger USAhutbagger 10 Jul 2015
glennj glennj 8 Jul 2015
whio1 3 Dec 2013 Great hut, in a spectacular setting. If visiting, don't be a tight arse and make sure to donate some $ into bank account advertised. Judging by the visitor numbers 4 bunks might not quite be enough. Big pat on the back to all those involved! Carried on over the spectacular and narrow Newton Range to NR Biv, Grassy Flats Hut, Mid Styx Hut and out
BAynsley BAynsley 14 Apr 2013 in geologists out styx ,track well marked easy to follow
matthew matthew 26 Jan 2013 Excellent hut in a fantastic location. Friendly locals (i.e. weka). Attempted communication. Limited success.
glennj glennj 5 May 2010