Boundary Creek Hut (Hakatere)

JETNZ JETNZ 19 Apr 2016 Door shutting properly. No mice disturbance but evidence of them around. Very tidy and comfortable. Longdrop needs new seat with cover. Current wooden one is cracked right through and plastered with bird droppings. This could be why people are doing their business in other places around the hut! Firewood is scarce. Take a good foldable hand-saw, the supplied historical mitre handsaw is useless.
TheGoodLife TheGoodLife 30 Aug 2014 A great tramp to introduce teenagers to the outdoors. Easy walk of around 2-3 hours, lots to explore when at the hut, and some down to earth living :) And I left some spare gas :)
TheGoodLife TheGoodLife 27 Apr 2014 Parked the car at Paddle Hill Creek after driving along the 4wd track (an adventure in itself!). Easy walk into the hut - ideal for families with young children as no steep parts. Looked like I had the hut to myself but a couple biked in late in the afternoon. It was great to have some company. And a big thanks to whoever left some spare gas in the cupboard - I'll bring some more in next time I visit.
iangeorge iangeorge 26 Oct 2011