Mid Styx Hut

andyc andyc 14 Mar 2015 Awesome paint job. A new lease of life for this hut. Great job guys!
glennj glennj 21 Feb 2015
whio1 4 Dec 2013 Came up for a visit on 04.12.13 after traversing Newton Range to Grassy Flats. Crossed the Styx at the turn-off sign and mucked around in the bush initially until finding markers a little further downstream. Track to up to hut in good nick. Hut tidy and dry. Track through to Tyndall Ck quite good. Tyndall Ck easy. Crossing of Styx straightforward and only about waist level at its deepest for us Pukeko legged 6 footers. We'll be back!
glennj glennj 1 Jan 1972