Gabriel Hut

Bozeman Bozeman 5 Mar 2021 Other than being dark, dirty, rat-infested and poorly maintained, a nice hut...
iangeorge iangeorge 29 Dec 2020
glennj glennj 11 Jan 2017 A bit rough & draughty & with a few resident mice but still a comfortable hut. The roof has been re done fairly recently and the mattresses seem quite new. A bit more TLC would make a big difference! The hut gets lots of visitors passing thru but many don't seem keen on basic cleaning or taking their rubbish with them.
PeteRussWatson PeteRussWatson 1 Jan 2015 an old hut, only popped in on our way out from jolly brook hut. looked nice enough for a night or two! easy walk out to the road along the grassy Huranui river flats.
matthew matthew 25 Apr 2010
KyleT KyleT 17 Apr 2007