Bealey Spur Hut

john dutchie john dutchie 2 Apr 2019
MetalCupcake 27 Oct 2018
matthew matthew 26 Mar 2017 Outstanding little hut. Perhaps one of our most accessible historic huts. Day walk, but I'll have to bring the family back next year.
bohwaz bohwaz 12 Jan 2017 Mattresses have been removed, there's only camp beds made out of thick tarp, so you need to bring your own mat for the night or you will get a cold night! Nice hut, but lots of graffiti and mice running everywhere at night.
TheGoodLife TheGoodLife 6 Feb 2015 A lovely old hut. Unfortunately it was a beech mast year and the track and the hut were overrun with mice. Visited by a group of Keas in the evening. Was hoping they would clean up the mice but no luck :) Mice and Keas took an interest in my tent.
jas_hill jas_hill 22 Oct 2011
lisa_puddles lisa_puddles 1 Mar 2010
glennj glennj 16 Dec 2009
iangeorge iangeorge 17 Sep 1995