Back Basins Hide

Honora Honora 17 Nov 2004 Keith Green is planning to rehabilitate this little hut: he writes: I've recently been in discussion with DOC about taking on a community agreement to look after Back Basin Hide off the Avoca valley in Canterbury. I'm in the process of applying to the Rec Consortium for funding and hope to get in there to do some preliminary work in Feb/March. It's the first hut I've looked at restoring so if anyone with experience wants to get involved please get in touch. It's an interesting little hut in that it was built to monitor chamois numbers & assess their environmental impact and was the first place in NZ to use radio collars to monitor their movements. The radio mast and some of the equipment is still in situ. The hut book from 1983 is still there with only a few pages used so clearly doesn't get much use. If anyone knows anything more about its history, I would be interested to hear from you.