Cape Brett Track

chicketyboo chicketyboo 10 Feb 2018
Had been raining heavily, made track very slippery and streams turned into rivers. Also high winds made ridges quite dangerous. Took us a lot of effort and 8 hours to get to the hut, but the experience was worth it. Recommend that you give this track a miss if the weather has been bad or there are high winds.
WhittSco WhittSco 25 Oct 2015
Katyj Katyj 1 Jun 2013
Fantastic views of the ocean and the hole in the rock. We got a boat in from Rawhiti to Deep Water Cove. Two hours to the lighthouse from here. The full walk out again took seven hours.
helen9 1 Apr 2010
lloydy lloydy 1 Apr 2009
great coastal views, worth taking the alternative route which starts further sw from the road, to take in the ruins of historic whaling station
bigpaul bigpaul 1 Feb 2008
iangeorge iangeorge 20 Feb 2005
iangeorge iangeorge 24 May 1997
ianpryce ianpryce 1 Jan 1996