Sudden Valley

rmj38 25 Feb 2017
Lovely walk in good weather. Took us a bit longer than other posted times - more like 4 hours up 3 hours down. On the way up the chute, keep and eye out to your left to spot the track marker where the track leaves the chute - it is partially concealed by windfall. The hut is getting very mouldy. There are two good tent spaces next to the hut, and some more marginal places on the surrounding flats.
Honora Honora 9 Mar 2014
The afore-mentioned Devil's Chute is no longer used. It has been superseded by a shingle chute just before where it was. So there is no need for a rope as the shingle climb is a doddle. Currently the tracks are in good nick. I came down and only needed to cross the stream four times as I was able to boulder hop with it's being autumnal flows.
JETNZ JETNZ 18 Jan 2014
Marvellous day walk up to the Biv with the CHCH Tramping Club. River levels low enough to allow crossing with relative ease. Heard riflemen in the trees. Would be worth overnighting at the Biv.
HarleyJ HarleyJ 30 Apr 2013
Great day trip to the biv and back. Plan carefully as the gorge easily becomes impassable, stranding you up-valley. Next time will probably do a through-trip onto the Polar Range and down into Discovery Stream to the Hawdon.
kieranpalmer kieranpalmer 18 Jul 2008
Byron Byron 13 Dec 2006
matthew matthew 1 Jan 2003
nalbers nalbers 1 Jan 1988