Kelly Range

glennj glennj 10 Jul 2016
This was my most recent visit but I've been poking around this area since the 1970's. Was up there recording the location of old mining sites. Few people know of the pits, shafts & tunnels up there. Bumped in to Christine Jemison & Bryan Tuffnell at the hut on the way in but didn't cross paths with mate Alan J. who was out on the hill somewhere while I was doing my searching & recording.
JETNZ JETNZ 1 Dec 2013
Wonderful place to hang out for a day (using Carroll Hut as a base), climb Kellys Hill, visit the tarns, flowers in summer and enjoy the amazing views. Mobile coverage at the top of Kellys Hill.
ryanbjhunter ryanbjhunter 1 Jan 2006
matthew matthew 20 Apr 2003
Honora Honora 1 Nov 1993
First time I did the route to 7 Mile was in the clag with no ground trail or markers. We got there using compass bearings. Luckily the tarns on the top were good features not to miss. Been back since in the clag and managed to go from marker pole to marker pole! Alan Jemison has trimmed a bit of a route down from the Kelly Range to Hunts Creek. I haven't done it yet but I understand there will be cairns to lead you to the start of the scrub. I checked out the other end and Frank and I did a wee bit of trimming to encourage folks to use Alan's route. It looks as though it is getting enough use to form a ground trail. Be good to take marker (cruise) tape and some secateurs or whaddeva to help keep it open as Alan has not been back to maintain his track.