Thousand Acres Plateau

lil50 21 Oct 2016
rmj38 25 Mar 2016
Nice Easter trip. It was very busy! Counted 12 tents at Poor Pete's Hut on the 27th. Guess everyone had the same idea. Thought I'd just mention that the Plateau became very boggy after heavy rain, which slowed us considerably. If there's been rain, plan for longer walk times. Definitely make time to get up above Larrikin Hut - would have loved a full day there.
Tim_Karamea 1 Mar 2015
Wonderful walk. Recommend a full day based at Larrikin Creek Hut to explore the tops and creek beds. Matiri Lake Hut is mouse-infested and there are lots of wasps around the valley. Steep climb up to the plateau rim but well worth the effort. New Poor Pete's Hut is cute but really only enough room for 2. Took me 15 years of thinking about this track before I did it; now I'd like to go back next week!
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