Bealey Spur - Jordan Saddle - Waimakariri River

Honora Honora 5 Jan 2020
The Jordan Valley has become very denuded of vegetation due to big rains in November 2019. Travelling in that steeper section of the stream involves some scrambling and downclimbing of good rock. It is very bony these days.
bohwaz bohwaz 12 Jan 2017
Great route, we walked to the hut in 2 hours, spent the night and joined the saddle in about 4.5 hours, stopping to take pictures and being slow at some slightly exposed parts on the ridge. Then it took us about 3.5 hours down Jordan stream to the Waitak river, and about an hour along the river on the nice track to the road. Thanks for this route guide, was very useful! This route should only be done in fine weather unless you know the area well as the ridge can be subject to strong winds (in fine weather we sometimes had to crawl on all fours when gusts came) and the stream can become bigger during or after heavy rain. Take care at the exposed sections on the ridge and at the start of the stream, as if you pick the wrong tributary at the top you might end up at a small impassable waterfall. Note that according to Arthur Pass DOC rangers there is no way down Little Jordan Stream as there is an impassable waterfall, not shown on map.