Hopeless Creek Hut

iangeorge iangeorge 30 Nov 2018
john dutchie john dutchie 7 Jan 2018
Briar Briar 9 Jan 2015 Plenty of space for more than 6 people. Two of the bottom bunks are extra wide so you can fit 8 people on the bunks, and there is a downstairs room with a wooden floor which can sleep 4. Not much in the way of flat areas for tenting. Beware of the mice - don't leave food on the bench (they like muesli). 1.5 hours from Travers Valley, and less than 3 hours from John Tait Hut. This is one of my favourite huts in the area.
USAhutbagger USAhutbagger 15 Jun 2014
glennj glennj 21 Nov 2012
tonya tonya 1 Jun 2010
macca macca 1 Jan 2010
Briar Briar 1 Nov 2008