Packhorse Hut

MetalCupcake 8 Jul 2019 Camped outside hut. Moderate winds
stuso672 25 Feb 2018 Via Kaituna Valley Packhorse Hut Track
Honora Honora 19 Jul 2015 The hut is now open to the public again. Work is still not complete but the ceilings have been relined, a window installed in the now merged bunkroom and the chimney has been repaired. Plenty of firewood there at the moment. The DoC website states the hut is closed till July 31 but a sign down by the carpark states the 17th of July and someone has already stayed there.
JETNZ JETNZ 14 Jul 2015 Visited this hut three times in the past month (July 2015). Currently closed and being repaired. Window frames are now red which looks great, ceiling re-lined and insulated, east wall has been re-grouted and sealed and lots of other maintenance work. There's even a new s/s bench still to be installed.. Looking forward to its re-opening! Discovered several cattle in the adjoining fenced reserve on the Mt Herbert Track, they had done considerable damage to the natives. This was reported to DOC.
iangeorge iangeorge 24 Nov 2013
glennj glennj 22 Nov 2013
MountainView MountainView 15 Nov 2013 Nice walk up from Gebbies Pass with my son and his friend. Hut is good though was full. Took a tent just in case so camped in front of the hut. Great views over Lyttleton harbour. Strong winds so if you do tent make sure you've guyed it out well :)
kiwirich 7 Jul 2011
mark1 mark1 4 Jan 2010
lisa_puddles lisa_puddles 1 Nov 2009
matthew matthew 8 Feb 2009
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