Dusky Track

Elee987 Elee987 6 Dec 2016
Our doe group did this as our gold qualifier, unfortunatly didnt make it to supper cove and spent extra day at lake roe to go up pt 1595, to much snow on tamatea to get up good trip with good weather the whole time.
phil21 phil21 9 Apr 2013
While not excessively steep (a few places where you need to down climb) the track requires you to constantly watch where you place your feet. Lots of tree roots, slippery rocks and mud holes. On the whole good track markings to follow, great little huts and beautiful scenary. Spent a rest day at Supper Cove, nice to relax by the water and fish for Blue Cod. Yum.
CornishGirl CornishGirl 1 Mar 2013
What an awesome adventure. We were lucky and had 8 dry days. We also cheated and talked one of the Te Anau help companies into doing a food drop to Lock Maree for us. There was a huge slip along the track to Supper Cove the night before we walked it and we were oblivious of it until we popped back into the DOC office in Te Anau. It only stopped 10m from the track!!
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