North South Track

Briar Briar 1 Jan 2016
Did a fast & light trip with 2 friends over Auckland Anniversary weekend, using Intercity buses for track transport. Thoroughly enjoyed the trip, despite all the hook grass growing along the length of the track. Mostly well marked and easy to follow - only the section along the rocky knobs is a little rough. Like many Aucklanders I'd been guilty of writing off the Kaimai Ranges, having only touched the northern part around Waitawheta & Te Aroha, but now I am keen to go back to other huts in the range. 5 Hours from McLaren Falls Rd to Te Tuhi Track; 10:30 hours from Te Tuhi junction to Motutapere Hut; 8:40hrs from Motutapere Hut to Daly's Clearing; 5 hours from Daly's Clearing to Paeroa. Full trip report on my blog
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