Dorset Ridge Hut

TararuaHunter 23 Oct 2013 Stayed night during trip kiriwhakapapa, cow creek, arĂȘte forks, tarn ridge, Dorset, Dorset creek, atiwhakatu. Hut has been extensively renovated since original design by the horewhenua hunters club. Done an excellent job, but the skyline has been removed, making the interior a bit dark
jcmck 1 Nov 2011 Lovely well maintained hut. No clear turn off from Dorset Ridge, but between Pt 1351 & 1355 there are a series of cairns pointing towards south facing spur to follow off ridge to the hut.
madpom madpom 15 May 2010 1 Apr 2008
dmolnar dmolnar 1 Jan 2005