Te Rereatukahia Hut

Midgy 1 Apr 2017 The hut photo gives it no justice. The Kaimai Ridgeway Trust have really turned the hut around, making it easily the best basic hut in the Kaimai's. A new paint job inside and out, fireplace, and great new outdoor kitchen cleaning bench. The location makes it a perfect place to start a 2+ night tramp along the ridge north or south, as well as an easy one nighter option.
Briar Briar 26 Nov 2016
Briar Briar 18 Jun 2016 Nice and cosy with the new fireplace - thanks Kaimai Ridgeway Trust! Great views from the knob a few minutes up the old north-south track, although it was so windy I almost got blown over.
Briar Briar 31 Jan 2016
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