Carrington Hut

MetalCupcake 1 Jan 2020
zigzig zigzig 25 May 2019 Only one there. Very wet firewood supply, so a cold night. Great views up the valley.
nickip nickip 2 Dec 2017
PeteRussWatson PeteRussWatson 9 Jan 2016 The walk to the hut was good, easy to follow track. Nice hut, well maintained. Heaps of beds! and an amazing view.
kiwirich 1 Nov 2015 Usual lockwood type, big and creaky. FYI if you're dong this for the first time, if the rivers are low stick to the river bed all the way from Klondyke (unless you like the bush). Just pick a line and follow it. 3-4 hours to the hut if you don't mess around.
hazel 1 Jan 2015
Matthew Matthew 22 Mar 2013 It's a bit of an odd hut with a separate water/wash room but tiny cook benches, and the wooden framing issued loud bangs late into the night.
mark1 mark1 29 Jun 2012
USAhutbagger USAhutbagger 1 Jun 2012
jamiec jamiec 1 Dec 2011
glennj glennj 1 Mar 2008
iangeorge iangeorge 16 Feb 2007
ryanbjhunter ryanbjhunter 1 Jan 2005
Matthew Matthew 26 Mar 1989
glennj glennj 1 Jan 1971