Kahutara Biv route

Honora Honora 2 May 2019
We went back a third time to open up the clearing around the hut as it was diminishing with scrub. We also opened up the short bit of track down to the helicopter clearing (dog kennel clearing). I've notified DoC about the rotten door on the biv and provided them with the measurements for replacement. We further clarified the route down the final spur to the sidle track that takes you to the biv. Next job is to make the route down the flax face more obvious.
Honora Honora 1 Nov 2014
Hi Tom. Thanks for the great route guide. It was very helpful in avoiding the scrub. I've added a jpg. showing the routes we took in and out and a gpx.file of our route out. The biv was very tidy too. A great wee spot with plenty of goats and the odd pig rooting.