Bob's Camp Bivvy

glennj glennj 22 Mar 2016
iangeorge iangeorge 5 Sep 2015
Honora Honora 5 Jul 2015 Track has been cut and waratahs installed in the tussock going down to the biv in March, 2015. Thanks, Jim of DoC! Jim and co. planned to come back in the summer of 2015 and paint the biv but haven't. The paint is already there but it would be a waste of their skills to do the job. Maybe someone can contact DoC and offer to do the prep and painting themselves with funding from the Outdoor Recreational Consortium (via the FMC). Not us as we'll be doing Salmon Creek this summer I hope.
Tekinga Tekinga 9 Dec 2012
Byron Byron 19 Jan 2008
matthew matthew 7 Dec 2007